King Rogers Group Services

All the Protection You Need

Is your company an easy target for criminal activity? Are your assets properly protected? Are you considering adding or upgrading a surveillance system and need answers?

KRG is a full service security solutions provider dedicated to earning your trust every day. Our expert loss prevention and security management consulting provides you with a professional understanding of your security needs, so you can make the right decisions to protect your business.

Knowing what to do is only part of the solution, however; that's why we offer remote video surveillance monitoring and corporate training services as well. Our industry expertise regarding surveillance hardware and networking solutions affords us strong relationships with today's cutting-edge providers of surveillance technology. Whatever your need or application may be, we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate tools to get the job done.

Loss Prevention and Security Consulting

Determine how much your business is at risk and identify loss or suspected fraud.

Video Surveillance as a Service

Let our experienced and trained eyes monitor your surveillance system for potential threats.

Video Based Transaction Auditing

Audit electronically captured transactions to detect your vulnerabilities and identify loss.

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