Security Management Consulting

Assess. Act. Audit.

Take the mystery out of losses and watch your profits grow.

Our professional services are designed to arm your organization with facts and actionable data. We assess your vulnerabilities and recommend the changes you need to implement to prevent loss and create a secure environment inside and out.


Risk Assessments determine what the safety and security risks are to a business based on what the business does and include man-made and natural disasters.

  • Can the business sustain a disaster and quickly get back to generating sales and profits?
  • Does the business make, sell or transport high value goods?
  • Does the business deal with highly desireable products?
  • Have there been incidents of criminal activity targeting this type of business or product line?

Vulnerability Assessments take place after the risks are identified and result in an action plan to minimize risks.

  • Is the facility adequately protected through physical security means to prevent loss?
  • Does the business have policies and procedures in place, are they appropriate and effective?
  • Is there a Business Continuity Plan and a Crisis Management Plan in place and are they practiced?
  • Are compliance audits properly designed and are they being done regularly?

Audit Services provided by KRG can take the audit burden off of your shoulders and make sure what you expect is, in fact, inspected for compliance. KRG is a licensed investigations company with extensive experience in these key areas:

  • Complex theft and fraud investigations.
  • Due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Video-based transaction audit services.
  • Background screening.
  • Is there a security/loss prevention department or functions in place?
  • Based on identified Risks and Vulnerabilities is the function effective?
  • Is the department organization design based on "form follows function" principles?
  • What are the accountability measurements in place for the security team and does senior management and other operating entities know what they are?
  • Does the security team know what its mission is and can they clearly articulate it to the rest of the company?

Training is essential to maximizing security effectiveness and reducing liability. The team at KRG has developed and deployed training to many security teams and has earned an enviable reputation in the industry for training standards.

KRG offers on-site and off-site training sessions for your teams. From basic operations to complex security investigations, we can make your teams throughout your business very effective.

Because KRG provides remote video-based audit services and remote video surveillance monitoring services and we have years of experience as video surveillance practitioners, our consultants can design your purpose-driven surveillance systems, help you select system integrators and installers, and choose the appropriate hardware, firmware and software to fit your specific needs.

Is something just not right but you can't put your finger on it?